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    The fuel industry is currently facing many challenges as the economy is putting pressure on profit margins, while fuel markets are experiencing record price and supply volatility. These factors, combined with increased security and regulation requirements, have forced the industry to accelerate its adoption of information technologies.
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    Solutions for the Downstream

    Improving the efficiency of the supply chain

    Why work with Schneider Electric

    • Ícono de manos estrechadas Make smarter buying and selling decisions Combat continual price and supply volatility to help boost your profits and efficiencies using our cutting-edge technology.
    • Ícono de gráfico ascendente Increase efficiency at your operation Our unique automation tools support the highest level of efficiency, helping your staff easily manage complex day-to-day operations.


    • ícono azul de tierra continente americano We manage 80 percent of the supply chain pricing and billing transaction interchange conducted in North America every day.
    • Ícono azul de Schneider One Preferred supply chain optimization vendor in the downstream for more than 30 years.
    • Texto Alternativo Predeterminado The industry's most comprehensive source of electronic bills of lading (eBOLs).
    • ícono azul de colaboración Supplier pricing covering over 280 unique products at more than 1,200 terminals in the U.S. and Canada.