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    Solutions for onshore Oil & Gas production

    Well Automation and Operations

    Optimize production and gain real-time insight into your operations.

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    Well fields consist of numerous production assets scattered across a wide geography. The production volume of each well needs to be maximized while minimizing the lifting cost and ensuring safety & regulatory compliance. Both the regional production office and the corporate office also need visibility into the field operations data in order to make proper decisions.
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    Our solutions for Well Automation & Operations

    Making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green.

    Why work with Schneider Electric

    • ìcono de herramientas Make better decisions Schneider Electric provides solutions that can monitor, control, and optimize your assets while providing the operational insight for quick decision making.
    • ícono de rompecabezas End-To-End Solutions Schneider Electric provides expertise in process automation and electrical infrastructure plus a full range of services to support your projects.


    • ícono azul de colaboración 5,000 Oil and Gas specialists worldwide.
    • ícono azul de tierra Worldwide coverage through our expertise and engineering solution centers